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Thread: Does your workshop qualify ?

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    Does your workshop qualify ?

    Does your workshop qualify to become a MIWA Graded Workshop?

    Being a MIWA Accredited Workshop is already very prestigious, as it ensures clients of the quality service and workmanship they can expect. Yet your workshop may even be on the standard of a MIWA Graded Workshop, which is a notch higher, without you knowing it.
    It’s to a workshop’s benefit to be Graded, as MIWA’s long term vision is for all Graded Workshops to become Master Technician Workshops that will be qualified to handle all repairs once the Right to Repair campaign has been legalised.
    In order to become a Graded Workshop, a workshop must meet the accreditation requirements, as well as the graded criteria above and beyond those requirements. These additional requirements are:

    • Floors – work bays must be demarcated with yellow lines
    • Having a customer satisfaction follow-up system in place that must be able to be audited
    • Vehicles must be washed, dried and vacuumed before delivery
    • Free delivery and collection service has to be available
    • Minimum equipment to become a Graded Workshop:

    Angle Grinder
    Battery charger (70 Amps and booster Starter)
    Battery load tester
    Brake fluid tester
    Clutch/ Brake venting tool / equipment
    Compression tester
    Compressor and air gauges
    Creepers – one per technician
    Cylinder leak down tester
    Dial gauge
    Drill press
    Drilling machine hand held
    Drip trays – diesel and graded – trolley on wheels
    Electric welder and hood protector
    Electronic diagnostic engine analyser
    Engine assembly stand
    Engine lifting equipment
    Feeler gauges (check if in tool box)
    Fender covers and seat covers
    Files (set of 3)(as per tool list)
    Gas analyser (at least 2)
    Gas welder, trolley and welding glasses
    Set bearing pullers
    Glycol tester
    Grease gun
    Bench grinder, wire brush and safe equipment and signage
    Hacksaw frame and blades (as per tool list)
    Headlight aiming facility
    Headlight beam tester
    Heli – coil set / insert
    Hoist (2 or 4 post)
    Hydraulic press 10t
    Jumper cables – 200 amp /16mm cable
    Lead lights (1 per bay)
    Mac Pherson spring clamps
    Multi meter
    Minimum tools (as per main agreement)
    Oil pressure gauge
    Parts cleaning equipment – continuous flow
    Pop rivet gun
    Pressure washer
    Radiator pressure tester
    Rev counter
    Ring squeezer
    Soldering iron
    Stocks and dies and taps
    Straight rule
    Trestles (4 per bay)
    LED test light
    Timing light
    Torque wrench – to cover range of 20nm – 300nm
    Transmission Jack 1t
    Trolley jacks
    Drill bits (2mm – 13mm)
    Tyre pressure gauge
    Valve spring compressor – optional; and Workshop bench and vice.
    If your workshop is already accredited and you believe your workshop might meet the criteria in order to become a Graded Workshop, kindly contact Vishal Premlall to facilitate an audit at your premises.
    For the normal accreditation and Graded criteria, please contact MIWA offices for further assistance.

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