Westbrook and Durant came calm in NBA Live Coins a acrimonious and emotion-fueled claiming amid the Thunder and the Warriors on Feb. 11.The duo will accouterment up for the Western Appointment All-Stars on Sunday, but Westbrook was not absorbed in chatting about Durant, instead redirecting questions on Friday."Man, you apperceive what, actualization anniversary has been great," Westbrook said if asked about accepting in a locker allowance with Durant again.

"You credible actualization week? You been paying absorption to actualization week? Man, a lot of great-looking things at actualization anniversary I'm searching advanced to new collections. It's been good."Westbrook, a backstab All-Star MVP, was asked a aftereffect about amphitheatre with Durant and responded, "Man, you credible the new Accessible Academy clothing? Crazy. They got the new Jordan hoodie with MJ."It's crazy, man.

A lot of new abounding things with actualization anniversary I've seen, man. What abroad is out? Gucci. The Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins new Gucci accepting is dope. It's acceptable stuff, man."Durant was aswell able about Westbrook and the 2014 NBA MVP told reporters: "I'm traveling to handle All-Star weekend like I consistently did. Get in and get out. Do aggregate I'm declared to do, play the adventurous and admission some fun.

"I didn't appear actuality to be any brawl or admission a heart-to-heart with anyone," Durant added. "I'm traveling to adore my weekend, adore my brace canicule I got off and get accessible for the added half." Tracy McGrady, Chris Webber arch anniversary of first-time finalists for basketball anteroom of acclaim | NBA | Sporting News