Bidvest McCarthy continues to set training benchmarks. Not only does it meet its own needs but it also provides training for the broader industry. One of the industry’s challenges in attracting newcomers to become technicians is that the popular image of “workshop mechanics”, as many still call them, is of “grease-monkeys” who spend their days covered in oil, taking engines apart. The reality is that the only people as skilled as fully-qualified automotive technicians are aircraft technicians. Automotive technology has developed so far that mechanics is only one of four skills technicians must learn. The others are electrical, electronics and advanced computer skills. Training is part of the corporate DNA hence why training has always been a core priority at Bidvest McCarthy.

To succeed in today’s aftermarket, qualified technicians have to be able to meet sophisticated requirements of advanced technology and continuously deliver quality of service that satisfies well informed and demanding customers. The key to achieve this is underpinned by knowledge and skills gained through formal training.

The Bidvest Automotive Artisan Academy offers full trades in Motor Mechanic, Diesel Mechanic and Automotive Electrician apprenticeship programmes. The three merSETA and NAMB Accredited Training and Trade Test Centres are situated in Midrand Gauteng, Pinetown Kwazulu-Natal and Blackheath Cape Town.

Visit us on or contact one of the following numbers: 011-314 8775 / 021-905 7997 and 031-709 0514 for more information.