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Nico Grobler (left), Chairman of Pretoria and Northern Region, with his committee members.

Nico Grobler, Chairman of Pretoria and Northern Region, says RMI’s New Thinking Model (NTM) will enable MIWA to implement operational strategies and plans. His team, which includes vice chairperson, Cobus Joubert, and committee members Patrick Denga, Elizabeth Chabalala, Hans Joubert, Deon Kirchner, Heinrich de Necker, Martin Pretorius and Nico Venter, welcome the NTM.

He takes us through what has been happening in the region over the last few months…

Member meetings

General member meetings provide a healthy and suitable platform for members to network, gain information and simply see and meet old friends in the industry again. The Northern region hosted such an event during March 2017 at Utopia Place in Pretoria. The evening was a huge success based on the number of attendees with an informative agenda and programme.

Suppliers also had the opportunity to showcase their products. Johann de Bruyn, from Caelex in Pretoria, who has been in the motor industry business for many years, offered a few tips on how to run your business during difficult economical trading conditions and what areas and principals to focus on in order to better and enhance product and service delivery to customers by MIWA members.

Frank MacNicol, from Almo Engineering in Virginia, also gave a presentation on clearances and the important role it plays during the assembly of an engine after re-machining. He shared a few do’s and don’ts and what to look out for while repairing engines which over a period of time can save members a substantial amount of time and money minimising potential risk.

AGM meetings will be held during August and September 2017. Members are invited and encouraged to support their respective regions by considering serving as office bearers on the various regional and national committees.

Pieter Niemand, Director of MIWA, pointed out that members will be fully informed of the specific role and responsibilities of office bearers during the scheduled AGM meetings which will allow them to part-take in the New Thinking Model in a more practical way with the necessary responsibility.

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New Thinking Model of the RMI

A new model for our Organisation was conceptualised and developed in anticipation of further and on-going changes in our industry.

MIWA, as the largest association within the RMI, played quite a significant role during the process and the regional committee for the Northern Region contributed comprehensibly in their effort and support of the new direction. Various committee meetings were held over the past few months. I am convinced an environment amongst MIWA members was successfully created to openly debate and challenge the NTM – both inside and outside the boardroom.

The Northern Region committee’s participation and input enabled the MIWA National Executive Committee to play a pivotal and constructive part in the development and determination of MIWA’s overall strategic objectives with specific reference to the NTM.

The NTM is based on a fundamental change in the way we do business. Traditionally the bulk of core operational activities was driven through the various regional offices of the RMI where most of the staff were employed. The demands of a changing environment necessitate the migration of many of those core operational activities from the regions to the associations, where they are capable of being adapted to address the specific needs of the members of MIWA.

This new focussed approach with more dedicated resources will enable MIWA to implement operational strategies and plans for effective execution with the highest standards of integrity, probity and corporate governance practices and procedures.

Future plans

It is difficult for MIWA members to do business in the current trading conditions so it is important that we support each other and change our way of thinking to maximise the fact we belong to MIWA and the RMI. This affiliation will be beneficial once members realise being part of MIWA means businesses are informed, they act pro-actively and ensure they are relevant to changing needs of customers and the high demands of current and future technology.