Sugan Moodley, Regional Chairman Highveld, says due to the tough economic climate, members need to communicate and network with one another to help boost revenue at a business-to-business level.

Sugan heads up a committee that includes Jerry Tsiri, Douglas Makomane, Pratish Parmonand, Pieter van der Venter, Johnnie Marais, Natasha Bohmer, Andrea Bogner and Mike Goltman.

Here is an overview of activity in the area…


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At meetings held in the Highveld a Snap-on presentation was delivered to members informing them of what products are available and that Snap-on representatives can call on customer’s business to do services on a regular basis. Henk Pretorius from Mahle also presented on its components and filter product range. He also made mention of the campaign where Mahle offers free signage for MIWA members.

A report back from the MIWA NEC included the importance of grading, with the vision shared of most members becoming four or five star graded. The fact that an independent auditor does the grading was pointed out and how Government contracts, such as the RT46 contract, place value in the accreditation process.

The aims of the Right to Repair Campaign were highlighted as was the formation of the steering committee.

The Chairman confirmed that the New Thinking Model had been accepted by the RMI Board. This new business model will ensure that RMI provides essential services to members. MIWA as the largest association in the RMI will have the autonomy to carry out its own activities without constraints. MIWA will get 40% of the members’ levies to optimise on the budget. MIWA will be responsible for its own recruitment, training, gradings, activities, etc. Moreover, this new set up will introduce new representatives who will be specialists in the workshop industry and will service the members nationally.


Being in a tough economic climate, Sugan says they are encouraging members to communicate and network with one another to help boost revenue at a business-to-business level.

Part suppliers and pricing was also seen as a challenge. “We have seen the value of buying power of the association. RMI must assist to create links between parts suppliers for better prices.”

“We want to encourage members to give us more feedback on how to improve the service MIWA offers.”

BBBEE codes and transformation

BBBEE codes and transformation were addressed among members. A point raised was that the DTI will be changing the Codes and RMI is currently engaging with them to see if the codes are realistic.
In order to be relevant and effective in the current economic set-up, MIWA members have to transform and evolve. The importance of assisting black-owned workshops in overcoming challenges which include skills, finance and resources was strongly put forward. “For businesses/workshops to survive, we need to position ourselves accordingly and play a vital role in capacity development and transformation. A lot more needs to be done to be the representative voice of the members. We need to encourage more women to enter the industry as well as people with disabilities,” said the Chairman.