South Africans are starting to feel the pinch following the junk status announcement and now is the time to be savvy. MIWA recently sent out an article to car owners urging them not to commit to a new car unless they are sure they can afford the repayments, which will likely increase as interest rate hikes kick in.

“Our main driver is to recommend that car owners get a second or third opinion on the repair of their current car before considering purchasing a new car. We want car owners to stop, recalculate, get opinions and make smart decisions. The reality is that the shine of a new car fades when the bills come in and they are overextended,” says Vishal Premlall, Director of MIWA.

The article has got great pick up in the media so the word is out. “What this means for MIWA members is that we hope business will increase as more car owners come to you for assessments and repairs,” he adds.

Premlall says it is also a good time to start managing your debt properly, making your business as lean as possible from frugal stock control to staff incentives, and also the time to really up your customer service. “We are entering a time when people are going to be weighing up their options strictly before spending their money. Our differentiator has to be our customer service and personal touch. Making sure your grading and accreditation is sorted out will also be a differentiator and sales tool for new business.”

“We need to operate smart and lean to ride this wave of economic uncertainty,” he concludes.

In the next newsletter we will be featuring an article on pointers for getting your business into tip top shape. Don’t miss it!