The SA motor industry is heading into an exciting time of change. For the last three or four years we have seen a drop in new car sales resulting in consumers hanging onto their vehicles for longer. While this has been positive for the aftermarket industry we still face challenges of restrictive practices by the OEMs.
Interestingly other parts of the world such as the United States and Europe have been down this road and so we have a road map for where things are headed. The time is ripe for change and the recent Competition Commission probe is just the start of what is to come.

Currently a code is being drafted by industry stakeholders which has the potential to bring about change in terms of access to information so workshops can repair all vehicles, change in the way warranties and built-in service plans are structured and more. This will cause a major shift in current pricing structures and open the market for healthy competition.

This is great news for consumers and for aftermarket workshops. We are entering a time of enlightenment for consumers where practices that have become the norm in the industry will be challenged and exposed. What is key for aftermarket workshops now is to upskill, get accredited, graded and compliant and be ready for the change.