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Thread: Takeouts from Global Right to Repair Congress in Frankfurt

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    Takeouts from Global Right to Repair Congress in Frankfurt

    Vishal Premlall (MIWA Director) and Les McMaster (MIWA Chairman) attended the Global R2R meeting held in Frankfurt September 2016. The meeting this year saw many new entrants.
    Not surprisingly, the challenges we face in South Africa are not unique, much to the contrary belief by OEMs here. It appears that the strategies adopted by Vehicle Manufacturers are similar across the world.

    Some Government departments appear to be concerned and ready to take action in sectors where big business activities negatively impact and infringe on consumer rights. These sectors include not only the vehicle industry but finance, insurance and so on.

    It was clear of late that Vehicle Manufacturers across the globe are being challenged more frequently by the Courts and Competition Authorities. The quantum of cases presented on the day left one stunned to see what lengths some vehicle manufacturers would go to secure further market share.

    Security items, such as encoded parts, were another talking point and it appears that the basket of security components is rapidly growing. This has even been extended to carpets or floor mats in certain vehicles. Once again highlighting how consumers are coerced into becoming more reliant on OEMs repairing their vehicles as more and more parts become encoded.

    Another noticeable and interesting trend is how dealerships’ locations have resulted in a thriving business for flatbed transporters. Since dealerships are not on every corner, consumers are being forced to transport their vehicles to dealerships if breakdowns happen. Flatbeds provide the solution and the industry is growing as a result.

    Telematics and data management remain a major concern and were the topic of much debate. Raw data that comes from the motor car ultimately belongs to the consumer and not the Vehicle Manufacturer, and as such should be shared only with the full consent of the consumer.

    Representation at this year’s meeting included:
    o Brazil
    o Romania
    o China
    o Sweden
    o United Kingdom
    o Norway
    o Portugal
    o Serbia
    o Germany
    o France
    o Austria
    o Australia
    o South Africa
    o America
    o Europe – FIGIEFA
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