• Automechanika - exciting speaker line-up for MIWA event

    Automechanika is just around the corner and MIWA will be hosting a morning conference on 27 September with an exciting guest speaker line-up. Take a look…

    Joey Evans
    Motivational speaker

    Joey had a dream to race his motorbike in the Dakar Rally. A race considered to be the toughest off-road race in the world that has claimed the lives of 70 people over its 39-year history. His dream was shattered when in 2007 during a local race in South Africa he was hit by another biker and amongst other serious injuries he broke his back, crushing his spinal cord leaving him paralyzed from just below his chest. The injury was diagnosed as a T8-T9 incomplete spinal cord injury with about a 10% chance to walk again. It took nearly 10 years with many challenges, successes and lessons learnt along the way, but on 2 January 2017, Joey lined up as a competitor at the start of the Dakar Rally in Asuncion, Paraguay. During the rally he faced some of his toughest challenges but went on to be the only South African on a bike to finish the 2017 Dakar Rally.
    Joey will be sharing first-hand the challenges faced in reaching the Dakar finish line. He will also be motivating all MIWA members on overcoming business challenges and some keys to success.

    Jan Jooste
    Director of Innovation at Sebokeng Campus – VUT Southern Gauteng Science and Technology Park

    Jan is a qualified industrial engineer, which he says biased his whole life towards efficiency and effectiveness. Systems must be improved, he believes, and there is no reason to accept incompetence.
    He works as Director of Innovation at the Vaal University of Technology, with a two-fold remit to stimulate innovation internally amongst students and staff and then externally in the community. Students and staff are encouraged to do research that will actually add value to the community and also create commercialisation opportunities. In the community, the VUT would like to use its combined knowledge to empower job creation and local economic development.
    His interaction with the RMI started via the TDAFA on fighting the REDISA waste. The university wanted to use waste tyres for local economic development, but was blocked by the emergence of REDISA. The work with RMI and TDAFA has now culminated in at least the provisional liquidation of REDISA and the possibility of a new dispensation.
    MIWA offered the possibility to become involved in further support of the local economy via the Right to Repair campaign. The Right to Repair campaign creates the possibility for the consumer to save money and have a more roadworthy vehicle whilst local repair facilities remain sustainable.
    Jan will be addressing the conference on the R2RSA campaign and what it means for the industry.

    Vincent Vallette
    Technical Sales and Service solutions support. MAHLE Aftermarket MEA

    For the last 10 years Vincent has been involved in MAHLE's aftermarket as Area Sales Manager in Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Mauritania, Western (Nigeria mainly) and Central Africa. Prior to that he spent six years with the Dana Group as the Area Sales Manager specialising in the sale of engine parts in Sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
    He also worked for several years with Case IH (CNH) as the Parts Manager / AG + CE applications responsible for Finland, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon and Africa (Main markets: RSA, Zimbabwe and Zambia) and also with General Motors France (Opel) as the regional Aftersales Manager (Parts + Service).
    Vincent has ample global experience in the aftermarket when it comes to parts and will be sharing his insights with the MIWA delegates.

    Paul Barnardo
    Denso International

    Paul Barnardo has been in the Diesel Fuel injection business for the last 18 years, and has had the opportunity to see the world, technologies and workshops.
    He worked for Delphi HQ in the UK, then the Midas Group (AAAS) and finally moved onto Denso International.
    Denso International will be looking to setup a base office in Johannesburg to support Diesel Fuel Injection Pump (DFIP), Air-Conditioning (AC) and Maintenance parts (Spark plugs, filters and wiper blades). Denso SA is also conducting a feasibility study for the Auto Electrical repair (EE starters & alternators).

    Denso strives to support the OEM with the best and also for the Independent Aftermarket (IAM) with the best product and service through its Denso Service Dealer network (DNSD).

    Paul will be addressing delegates on the technical side of the industry.

    Click on this link to register for the MIWA conference: http://www.automechanikasa.co.za/con...7/MIWA/reg.php
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