• Benefits of being a MIWA member


    Our members are effectively part of the biggest 'franchise' in the country which, put into real terms is at a cost of approximately R550 per month. This is hands down the cheapest 'franchise' in the world. This monthly amount gives you access to a number of benefits which no other such franchise can compete with.
    Here's a snapshot of some of these benefits.......

    · MIWA is a members meeting platform of like-minded individuals to discuss issues of mutual interest, issues warranting consolidated intervention and a platform to identify value added benefits for the improvement and upliftment of existing business. This is normally achieved through Regional and National meetings, conventions, technical tradeshows etc.

    · As a MIWA member you enjoy exclusive access to all the major Mechanical Breakdown insurances in the country.

    · Accreditation and Grading Program - This is aimed at continuously uplifting workshop standards. MIWA workshops are evaluated according to specific criteria and awarded an appropriate accreditation. Graded shops do have to comply with a higher level of accreditation and are subject to random external audits.

    · MIWA is a voting member that represents the Industry’s interest on various topics at the SABS.

    · As a MIWA member you have access to discounted credit card fees through EEC.

    · As a MIWA member you have full access to the IR services of the RMI at reduced rates, this includes full representation in all labour matters in the CCMA and DRC.

    · MIWA members enjoy full consumer complaint advice, including a mediation process which guards against consumer action under the Consumer Protection Act. We resolve the complaint prior to reaching the National Consumer Commissioner. Such advice from a labour lawyer can cost R 550.00 per hour!

    · MIWA has an ETHICS Committee that is tasked with ensuring compliance within the association. Should non-conformance be identified, then appropriate punitive measures will be applied.

    · MIWA represents its members in the Motor Industries Bargaining Council which ensures that the Motor Industry is regulated by the employers and not by the major corporations, thereby ensuring that wages are kept to reasonable levels.

    · MIWA members have access to the most advanced self-paced training course available in South Africa, the MIWA Master Technician training programme. The MIWA Master Technician Program aligns to United States Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) standards. This programme is aimed at bridging the knowledge gap between the South African Qualified technician and the advancements of the modern day motor car. The course consists of 12 modules that can be completed in three years or sooner. All 12 modules can be done in the convenience of your home. Exams are written per module at the Regional Offices of the RMI. Certification is issued for all successful students. There are also specialist style clusters for those that do not want to complete all 12 modules. For the unqualified potentials, there is the GI course, parts and service advisor courses. MIWA members are privy to a reduced cost per course, this part of a training initiative that MIWA made to uplift skills in the Independent aftermarket workshop. FACT – MIWA technicians have shown on average a 22% improvement between pre and post assessments, which is two times higher than their North American counterparts.

    · MIWA advertises in a host of newspapers/advertorials spreading the MIWA Brand concept. These adverts are made of consumer awareness and member education articles.

    · MIWA members have access to the new and interactive MIWA Website. The site is aimed at becoming the communication portal between members, the association and all other related bodies. New introductions to the site include social media networking and forum discussion pages.

    · MIWA developed the MIWA Holiday Checklist that circulates to the media ahead of the holiday seasons. This programme effectively promotes safer vehicles on the South African roads.

    · As a MIWA member you have dedicated advice on a multitude of subjects regarding all areas in your business. This is part of an ongoing mentorship programme aligned with the upliftment of the Independent Aftermarket. This amongst others include bulletins, OHS related issues, tooling and equipment, staffing issues, compliance to changing legislation etc.

    · MIWA takes on challenges that members sometimes cannot e.g. The R2R Campaign. This in a nutshell is a campaign that allows independent workshops and consumers the flexibility to:

    • Access information on new cars through a centralised portal
    • Repair cars under warranty without compromising the warranty
    • Allows consumers the freedom to access workshops of choice

    It may appear a bit far-fetched at this point in time, but MIWA has never been closer to implementation than they currently are. The campaign comes with the full support of similar organisations like FIGIEFA and EGEA from first world countries like the USA, Europe and the UK who have already succeeded in implementation. MIWA is part of the worldwide coalition on Right 2 Repair.

    These benefits are just a glimpse of what MIWA members are exposed to. Information and benefits are changing all the time. Stay ahead of the pack and join this progressive association today. For more information regarding the activities of MIWA, please contact Vishal Premlall or Linda Curtis on 011-886-6300 or email vishal.premlall@rmi.org.za or linda.curtis@rmi.org.za